How To Create WhatsApp Sticker Online On Android Without App


Creating WA sticker on Android phone is usually done using the WhatsApp sticker maker app that can be installed from the Google Play Store.

The disadvantage of this method is that you have to install the application first, which is sometimes even more inconvenient, especially when your Android phone storage memory is full.

Well, now there is an easy way to make whatsapp sticker online without application, which is using WASticker.APP

By using WASticker.APP, you don't need to install any more apps because all you need are web browser apps like Google Chrome and Firefox.

Want to know how? follow these guidelines:

  1. Open using web browser application on your Android phone.
  2. Next, tap the SELECT IMAGE button to select the image or photo you want to make into whatsapp sticker.
  3. Step #1: Tap the SELECT IMAGE button
  4. Use images with JPG, PNG and WEBP formats / extensions to create regular sticker.
  5. Use images with GIF format / extension to create animated sticker.
  6. The maximum image file size you can use is 4 MB.
  7. WhatsApp sticker must have length to width ratio of 1:1 (square). Therefore, you have to select and crop the part of the image that will be used as whatsapp sticker.
  8. Set the frame size to select part of the image by dragging the blue button. You can also zoom-in and zoom-out on the image.
  9. Step #2: Select part of image
  10. After that, tap the CROP button.
  11. Step #3: Tap the SELECT button
  12. The next step, fill in the whatsapp number in the box provided.
  13. Step #4: Fill in whatsapp number
  14. Make sure you complete your whatsapp number with your country code, e.g. +1.
  15. Then, tap the CREATE button.
  16. Step #5: Tap the CREATE button
  17. After that, tap the SEND button.
  18. Step #6: Tap the SEND button
  19. Wait a moment and your new sticker will be sent to your whatsapp number via chat.
  20. Step #7: Wait a minute
  21. After sticker notification message sent is appears, then please check your whatsapp.
  22. Step #8: Check your phone
  23. Save your new sticker by clicking on it.
  24. Step #9: Tap the sticker
  25. Then select Add to Favorites menu.
  26. Step #10: Tap the Add to Favorites menu